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Spending The Summer in Venice Beach

March 27, 2012

Anyone planning a summer vacation wonders where to go. Many people love the beach while others love fancy resorts. Spending summer in Venice beach is quite exciting as it has a variety of activities to offer. The beach is one … Continue reading

Art at Venice Beach

March 20, 2012

Venice Beach is an electric and culturally vibrant city that offers a variety of treasures and unique artifacts unlike any place on earth. Whether its original art work or handmade items, Venice is known for its creative approach to fashion, … Continue reading

Spending the Summer in Venice Beach

February 18, 2012

If you are interested in enjoying a trip to a beautiful exotic beach of walking on moist sand with your partner on enjoying the sunshine with your friends the spending the summer in the Venice Beach should be your first … Continue reading

Activities in Venice Beach

January 18, 2012

Venice Beach in Southern California is arguably the most famous beach in the world. Everyone knows about it and hearing the words ‘Venice Beach’ conjures images of a flawless beach, glorious sunshine and lots of beautiful people relaxing in the … Continue reading

Fun Things to do in Venice Beach, Los Angeles

July 29, 2011

Venice Beach Los Angeles is one of the most desired destinations of travelers and vacationers worldwide. It creates a superficial sense of the ethereal unlike other places in the world. It is popular for the street performers, artists and the … Continue reading

Exciting things to do in Venice Beach Los Angeles

June 25, 2011

Venice Beach is a must see destination if you are in Los Angeles. Other than the usual sun and sand fun the place is also world renowned for its rich cultural history.  With so many exciting things to do in … Continue reading

About Venice Beach

June 23, 2011

Venice Beach is a famous urban beach located in West Los Angeles. It is actually considered one of the icons of Los Angeles where creative and artistic people hang out. Other than the sweet sunset Venice beach is best known … Continue reading

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