Experience Los Angeles’ endless entertainment!

The sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles thrives in it’s diversity, which is why there is always something going on. With over 10 million people in an international melting pot, Los Angeles offers eclectic activities and experiences. From the authentic food in Korea town, to high end shopping on Rodeo Drive, hiking in the Hollywood hills or soaking in the sand & sun at Venice beach, Los Angeles has it all.

Los Angeles is a big city spread out over a large distance, don’t under estimate travel times. Seek out the best transport advice for your LA destinations whether it’s bike, bus, train, taxi or Uber. Because of the large distance & travel times, Samesun hostels has locations in both Venice Beach and Hollywood. This way you can base yourself in each of these amazing destinations and be able to explore Los Angeles. We just made it even easier to visit Los Angeles since introducing Samesun’s new hostel shuttle - only $5 for Samesun guests between Samesun Venice Beach & Samesun Hollywood.