Venice Beach Boardwalk

Los Angeles, California

The Cotel

Located in the St. Charles Hotel building, the oldest hotel in Venice, the Venice Beach Cotel focuses on meeting new people, interacting with other backpackers and lots of fun. Our family atmosphere brings people together from all over the world and you can expect good times and new friends to come out of your experience. Our friendly staff, including many who are travelers themselves, work hard to make sure your stay is as easy and perfect as possible. Our Los Angeles International Hostel’s main idea is to bring people together and introduce them to LA.

We are thrilled to announce that Venice Beach Cotel has officially started the 2012 renovation plan!We know that the Cotel is your favorite destination in Venice, and we’re always striving to make your experience here even better. Throughout Winter and Spring of 2012 we’ll be investing in projects to improve the facilities, amenities, and overall aesthetic of the Cotel. Along with our incredible new exterior mural, the entire interior of the Cotel will be refitted—with brand new looks to the walls, flooring and ceilings, all-new guest room furniture, and beautiful modern kitchen and lounge facilities. We can’t wait for you to see the new Cotel in Summer 2012, when we’re finished! In the meantime, we will remain open 24/7 for your travel enjoyment. Come and join us once more later in the year for a great time in the same hostel you know and love—only better!

The Cotel has now become a partner of the Samesun Backpackers Hostels in Canada

The Cotel has also a sister hotel, called THE CADILLAC HOTEL. It is located right on the beach as well, and you can find it at

Our Name

You’re probably wondering why we’re called ‘Cotel.’ The name Cotel comes from the prefix ‘co’, meaning getting together (people), which is what we are all about!

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